Samsung’s Complaint to Block iPhone and iPad

By On Monday, June 18th, 2018 Categories : iphone


You may tired of reading about the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. But the truth is, the thing still becoming the weekly headlines. It was started when Apple accused Samsung for copying their mobile designs on iPhone and iPad as well as have no innovative things on their products. But then, Samsung suing Apple back with wireless patent infringements.

Some days ago, I wrote about Apple who is fighting Samsung at its homebase, South Korea, with some patent infringements. This time, Samsung is fighting back by filing a complaint on the International Trade Commission to place an injunction for importing iPhone and iPad into U.S. But the Electronista is reporting that this strategy seems like just a defensive step against Apple’s original lawsuit.

No matter what is happening between them, Samsung and Apple are still planning to continue their business where Apple is one of the biggest consumer for Samsung’s product. However until now, there is still no sign where will this legal action ends. This kind of stuffs might sometimes take years to finish. Hopefully it won’t affect their innovation and production, or it will be a great chance for Nokia to regain their market.