SBSettings: Jailbreak App

By On Friday, April 20th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Jailbreaking is great because it lets you do the things you can’t do with your iOS. With jailbreaking, your iPad is set free from its regular limitations, and pushed to the limits of its possibilities. Now, Apple is attempting to conquer all jailbreaks time and again, because first, a jailbroken iPad could download paid apps for free and other equally illegal things, and second, they just don’t want people messing up their brilliance and haunting down their flaws.

In any case, a lot of people still jailbreak, despite the really scary threat of Apple to void a jailbroken iPad from its warranty. This is because jailbreaking truly has a lot of benefits and there are really useful apps that you could only access and use if you have a jailbroken iPad.

SBSettings is one of them, and I must admit, there are a lot people who jailbreak their iOS just to be able to download this app. This app is really helpful that a lot of people would rather have it than keeping their warranties intact. So what is SBSettings anyway? And what does it do? Why does it have so many users?


SBSettings is not your usual app. You cannot access it through an icon on your home screen like the others, but it is tucked away and hidden, only to be summoned using special taps when you need it. These special taps are a swipe by the status bar, or a tap on it using two fingers.  Here comes the useful part. SBSettings is not just special because you can access it in a special way, but also because it serves a very special function.

SBSettings Function

When you access it, you’re going to see the different operations that your iPad could perform like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and 3G just to name a few. Sounds familiar to you? These are the usual apps that we access every once in a while, but they are a little bit difficult to access because you have to stop your current operation and leave the screen to access it with another screen. The SBSettings eliminate this need however by letting you access and toggle these settings anytime you want without leaving the screen.

There will show different icons, and if indicates red then it means that it’s turned off, green on the other hand means that it is activated and working. You can easily control and turn them on or off just by tapping on the icons accordingly. See how the SBSettings make life easier? What’s more is that, you can easily access it as long as you can see the status bar.

Aside from that the SBSettings could be personalized. You can choose which toggles are included on your SBSettings, as well as change its theme to fit the style of your iPad and personal taste.

Finally, SBSettings also made powering off and rebooting really easy and accessible all the time. Hence, you don’t need to perform the special finger tricks on soft and hard resetting of your iPad because SBSettings has already simplified the steps into a simple tap.