Scrabble iPhone Game Application: Your Way to Education and Fun

By On Monday, January 22nd, 2018 Categories : iphone

Scrabble is the best word game ever. Aside from being educational, anyone can enjoy the thrill of unleashing their vocabulary power. However, technology made it to be forgotten due to advancement in equipment. Thus, people or children would tend to play video games instead of the typical board games. Fortunately, Electronic Arts (EA) has made a way to bring it back to life through the help of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in the form of Scrabble iPhone Game Application.

Scrabble Game App mimics the real board of the scrabble game with the same number of pieces which you can use to practice your vocabulary efficiency anytime. All the standard rules in the real scrabble game are also applied in this iPhone application. With its interactive interface, you will be able to learn it easier, however, you need to get used to your iPhone or iPod Touch first before you can actually enjoy playing it.

Here are some of the features of Scrabble iPhone Game Application;

#1. Really Cool Controls

iPhone has been built with interactive controls and EA made sure that their game application can absolutely adapt to it with full functionality. One of the best things about this Scrabble iPod App is that you can easily scramble or shuffle the arrangement of your letters or tiles by shaking your iPhone up. Additionally, with the drag ‘n drop feature, you do not have to press any key to position your tiles onto the board. You simply have to use the tip of your finger and you can have the fun that you need.

#2. Built-in Official Scrabble Dictionary

If you have some problems with words that will not come out of your mind, do not worry too much because this application absolutely comes with the official scrabble dictionary to help you figure out the arrangement of your tiles to form a word. This built-in dictionary lists all the words acceptable to scrabble only so you do not have to worry if the word you can find is acceptable to other players; you can always tell them to look for it in the dictionary.

#3. Rock Your Game

While you are playing the scrabble iPhone game you can definitely listen as well as control your iTunes. So, if your brain works best with music, then listen to your favorite songs to help you generate the best word to score the highest.

Scrabble iPhone Application is worth $4.99 on iTunes. It is totally inexpensive considering the fun that you can get from it anytime, anywhere. For sure, you will get what you have paid for. So, get your copy now and make your way to education and fun with this spectacular Scrabble iPhone App.

You can download it HERE.