Se puede liberar un iphone 6 plus de la compañía boost mobil?

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Se puede liberar un iphone 6 plus de la compañía boost mobil?. Are You Mr or Mrs own this kind of question?, If yes then please get the best answer below this line:\r\n

Quiero liberar mi iphone para usarlo en mexico pero me dicen que no se puede liberar y si logran hacerlo me cobran mucha pasta. le agradezco sus respuestas.


Answers for this question:

The answer is, YES they do. But it is not direct like the normal way of using the service.The thing is different network providers does a special program for those who are traveler subscribers from all around the globe.

If you`re gonna travel to the Caribbeans you need to consider your network provider. Contact your network provider and advise them you are in the Caribbean and ask them first if they provide service in that area you`re located.

If they provide service it may or may not be included in your current plan and may be additionally charge for all in coming and outgoing calls. For example, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T provides a international switch for traveling customers. I guess Boost Mobile has this service as well. Call them and let them know you are in the Caribbean and you need service. The process would be like these; they maybe require you to switch your current plan to an “International Plan”. This can be done temporarily until you return back to the states. Let them know in return that this is just a temporary switch so that when you return back to your country there will be no hassles to encounter. For these,expect that they will require for you to call and follow up for the status.


Someone can give me the code for free internet in my sansung gt5233t? – I would like to know if I can provide some code to free internet in my phone samsung please I urge gt5233t…

I think that you can get an internet access only if you avail a promo for your mobile carrier, it totally depends on your mobile carrier if they are allowing their customers to have an access to internet for free or not

Creo que usted puede conseguir un acceso a Internet solamente si usted aprovechar una promoción para su operador móvil, que depende totalmente de su operador de telefonía móvil si están permitiendo que sus clientes tengan un acceso a Internet de forma gratuita o no.


Switch phone off take battery out for couple of second then put back together, the check your setting it should have on off switch make sure it is selected to on.


Try to contact your phone provider.