Secure iPhone 4 using CleverPin Cydia App

By On Monday, March 12th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Secure iPhone 4 using CleverPin Cydia App. I have always wished to make my iPhone 4 as secure as practical so always used the automated pin locking functionally and actually had it set to fasten after merely a minute on inertness.

Nevertheless while this made it nice and secure if the telephone fall into the incorrect hands it also made it a little annoying when I was in my home and I would keep unlocking my telephone. This isn’t the case any more with the new Cydia app ( jailbreak needed ) named CleverPin which may stop your telephone from locking under when certain circumstances are met such as listening to music, being charged, airplane mode or my favourite, when hooked up to a stipulated network.

Once CleverPin cydia app has been installed thru Cydia it’s accessible thru the settings page and here’s where you can enable the circumstances in which you do not need to be prompted for the unlock code. While almost all of the settings are easy on / off toggles the connected to network functionality needs the additional step of adding the name of the network you would like to use. You may either add the network name automatically or by hand add the name of the network you are attached to. Once this is done you are ready to go and so now everytime I am attached to my home network whenever my iPhone goes to sleep I do not have to enter the pin code when I wake it up. As shortly as I leave my home though the secure pin code is instantly enabled just due to the the plain fact I am not hooked up to my network any more. This is one of those tweaks that should have been part of the iOS but thanks to iPhone jailbreak and for just just one or two bucks you can purchase CleverPin for iPhone.

It has got a pass-code that gives me both security and pliability.