Six Easy iPhone 4 Tips!

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Six Easy iPhone 4 Tips. When it comes to the advancements in communication, Apple is certainly ahead of the curve. In the dawn of the iPhone 4, companies everywhere are trying to come up with a Smart phone that compares, and others are merely creating phones that look the same. Well, for those of you that have the real deal, here are a few easy iphone tips to help you get the most from your iPhone 4.

1) Focus and Zoom on your camera.

The amazing 5 megapixel camera has made many users happy, but if you don’t know how to use it, you’re not getting the full experience! To focus on something, such as a face, building, or object, tap anywhere on the screen. A white square will appear, showing you what the camera is focusing on. A zoom bar will also appear and you can zoom in or out of the frame.

2) Turn a regular call into a FaceTime call.

This is only possible between two iPhone 4s, but to experience the video call, simply make a regular phone call, and then tap the FaceTime button in the Phone application. Next time you head out travelling, consider sharing the beautiful scenery around you by having a FaceTime call with your family or friends back home. To save some money, check out International Broadband Plans before you leave so you can avoid expensive charges from your provider while you’re out of the country.

3) Lock your screen orientation.

If you are lying in bed or on the back of a bumpy bus, the automatically-changing screen orientation can disrupt your reading or movie-watching. You can activate the new Portrait Lock, which will keep it in either Portrait or Landscape position. Double tap the Home button, which will reveal all of your running apps. You can swipe to the right to see the iPod controls as well as the Portrait Lock option.

4) Manage your Apps.

Many of us run a number of paid and free ipod apps at once, and we simply let the phone decide when it is time to turn one off. If something is slowing down your phone, or if you just want to take matters into your own hands, you can turn off any running apps. Tap and hold a running app and a minus (-) button will appear. Tap it to stop running the app.

5) Hide your Caller ID.

While most of us are so accustomed to this setting on phones that living without it is a memory of the Stone Age. However, if you’re planning a surprise party, or dealing with confidential information, you may not want your present company to know who is chatting with you. In the Settings app on Phone, go to Show My Caller ID, and turn to OFF.

6) Customize your Messaging.

You can turn on character count to keep track of the length of your text messages, or set your phone to alert you every so often (or not at all) after receiving messages without reading them. You can adjust these options in the Settings section of Messages. If you’re sending messages from another country and are worried about the charges you might get from your International Wireless Service, this can help save you money while abroad. The character count is an addition only on the iOS 4 software.

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