Snapchat lost phone. Cant find verification code. help?

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Snapchat lost phone. Cant find verification code. help?. Do You Mr or Mrs own that kind of query?, If do then plz found the tips below:\r\n

I lost my phone and dont have access to the vrification or the recovery code on snapchat. How can i log in a different way? i really dont want to restart cause some of my streaks are 200


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Since I couldn`t find a good answer in here, you can do what I just did five minutes ago. Go to your messages and hit the menu button on the bottom left and hit the preview messages checkbox. This will now be in the pull down tab menu to where you can preview the message without closibg out snapchat and opening the message leaving you helpless. So the verification code will show up on the preveiwed message.


You have to know your recovery code. Next time I suggest that you take a screenshot/ write it down somewhere. Good Luck!


You can get snapchat again by making another acount or reset you other divise that you have.


Make sure your system is up to date and use a VPN to secure your information.


Contact facebook or try logging in from a different computer.


You should deactivate your account.


You have to wait or try refreshing.