Sol Free Solitaire Free iPod Touch Game App

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Smallware, brings to you handy solitaire game app which you can play on your iPhone device. Sol Free Solitaire Free iPod Touch Game App has more than five million downloads to its credit and offers you a long list of various solitaire games. This game app offers you a screen, which you can read easily, and keep your score records updated.

If you are using Sol Free Solitaire game for iPhone or iPod Touch on your device then you can also enjoy music on your iPod simultaneously as the game pap does not interfere with the iPod audio. You can download this solitaire game free of any charges and enjoy loads of features.

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With Sol Free Solitaire iPhone app, you can tap the movements of the cards and read the rules on screen as the rules are inbuilt. Besides, if you commit a mistake then there are full chances that you can undo it as many times as you can.

Download this great Solitaire game for your iPhone and iPod Touch here.

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