Solarix: Save the Entire Solar System

By On Thursday, September 15th, 2016 Categories : iphone

This newly released iPhone game is the perfect companion if you want to while away time. Being a game that can provide long hours of excitement, Solarix iPhone Game is one game where you can control the entire universe.

Game critics often refer to this Solarix iPhone game as the Sims Universe, if the original game manufacturer would ever create one. Here, the main task of the player is to correct the planets as they go through their respective orbits. A supernova explosion had damaged quite a number of them. The whole solar system is in chaos. It is your job to align the planets while avoiding contact with the meteors and starts that scattered all across the vast universe.

Solarix game for iPod Touch and iPhone gives users an all-new feel about the galactic-inspired games that were existent a long time ago. With Solarix, the game is given a modern touch that is perfect for today’s generation. Solarix is perfect for both kids and adults who simply love to play good games on their iPhone.

This game is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. If yours has the OS 2.2 installed, then this iPod Touch game would surely run. Get to enjoy endless hours of excitement in this game. The effects and visuals of Solarix is definitely something that fans should look forward to.

Solarix game for iPhone is currently available at the iTunes store and from authorized dealers. Currently priced at less than $3, you get your money’s worth of fun and adventure. Play outside the confines of the world that you know and take your game to the highest level. Conquer the universe. But be the good guy who saves the Milky Way and not destroy it. Rev up your spaceship and let your out-of-this-world adventure begin. Download Solarix and the rest of the hottest iPhone and iPod Touch games today.

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