Space occupied but files not visible in pc or mobile?

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Space occupied but files not visible in pc or mobile?. Are You Mr or Mrs has this kind of concern?, If do then plz get the good soution right after below:

Answers for this question:

First check the hidden/show file option if this is not work then in ur sd definately there`s a virus that cause ur data confirmly. so plz check first .


Plug the memory card to your computer. Open the memory card, on the upper part of the screen click on Tools>Folder Options>View>Choose Show Hidden Files and Folder>Click Apply and click OK.

You can also use the command prompt to show hidden files on the computer or memory card.
1. Open command prompt, go to Start> Run>Type cmd
2. once the command prompt is open, type this attrib -s -h -r [memory-card drive letter]:/*.* /s /d for example attrib -s -h -r F:/*.* /s /d then press Enter
3. Wait for command prompt to finish and when its done you will see all hidden files and folders.


You can start by deleting your old messages from your inbox as messages also consumes memory from your phone. Then you can buy a memory card and transfer all the other files especially applications that were not installed by default in your phone. system files cannot be transferred.


U can insert some other phone like different operating system tri its os symbians like nokia 5230,5233,nokia 6600 like then try it java nokia asha, samsung old mobs, and try diff brand and try also chineseee u got any of one detect the memmory then sent to your laptops ok enjoyyyyyyyyy…i solve this same problem once ….


There is a good app that is free on the play store called 99 tools and. One of the tools is called app to SD it is very useful in choosing which apps to move and in doing it safely. Another aspect of the tool is releasing documents and extra memory names this should slovenly your space issue.


Finally worked it out! Settings/applications/manage applications/download manager -clear cache! Who would have thought that such a back door entry was nescessary for a task that seems like such a surface issue! Sort it android, it was in a natural place before 2.2.


Reset the memory card by formatting. your memory card will just work fine. its stricken by a virus, the same happened with me.


Try check the bluetooths adapter, if u droped it it may be dislodged, it may just need to be pushed back in place.


Have all he app installed in the SD card. this will increase the phone performance.


System stop on my qnet clover while being charge.


What kindof BB s and how old is it? is your.