SpeechTrans German English Translator iPhone Application

By On Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone

SpeechTrans German English Translator app for iphone brings up the feature to include translation from German to English and vice versa right on your iPhone. SpeechTrans is a well know company for offering translation applications on the mobile platform and they were been making translation apps for many international languages. The iphone app to my knowledge works great to translation both text and voice input through this app, along side you can switch between male and female voice with respect to the situations.

SpeechTrans is a dead simple tool to translate text from English to German that isn’t seen with other translation app. The highlighted points of the app was its voice based translation feature translate what we have spoken. The app has a dedicated buttons to record our voice and translates it. So, if you are stuck in the middle of the translation, SpeechTrans iPhone application will help you out in providing a better translation.

The translated conversation can be saved for future and optionally you can email the translation results. What about the email recording? Yes, the app also lets you to email your recorded conversations. The voice clarity of the recorded conversations is so clear. SpeechTrans German English Translator iphone app is a best companion to translate English to German and German to English. Get this cool iphone app in iPhone app store here.