Spell The Words Perfect – RegaSpellBee iPhone App

By On Monday, February 26th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Do you love your kids? If so you should love this app:-) Yes, RegaSpellBee from the developers Rega Interactive is such a nice application for your iPhone and iPod Touch especially designed for the kids.

The RegaSpellBee iphone app comes with a minimal number of options to play around and I think this would be enough to a kid and don’t make it a complex thing. Lets find how this app works.

It is all a single screen what the RegaSpellBee app does. Once you get into the playing area you will hear a English word and need to type the same using a big keyboard( even the keyboard is quite nicely made). If you typed it right a green bulb displays and if it is wrong you gets a red bulb.

There is option to exit from the playing area, and replay if you didn’t hear the word properly. Once you come out of it it displays the scoreboard with how many correct answers and other details.

Download the RegaSpellBee here.