Splashtop Remote: How to Install and Use on the iPad

By On Friday, May 18th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Remote access the PC via iPad could be a little expensive and confusing, but Splashtop Remote proves otherwise. It is very easy to install and relatively cheaper compared to others as well at $4.99. It’s on sale now though, it’s original price is almost $20, so if you want to enjoy Splashtop Remote at this price, you better enjoy it right now.

How to Install and Use Splashtop Remote

The installation process is pretty easy. First off, you need to download its app from the App Store. just open your App Store and search for it. Once located, tap on install, and it will begin its installation. After installing, you should download and install the respective app for your PC as well. How do you do this? Just visit Splashtop’s website, and download the Splashtop Streamer there which is available for different computers, whether Windows or Mac. You should install the streamer that suits your PC, after the install, you would be asked for a password. This is the one that you’re going to use whenever you want to access your PC through your iPad.

You can now check back on your iPad, and let’s begin to use it shall we? If your iPad and your PC is on the same local network, then there shouldn’t be any problem locating your PC. In fact, it should automatically appear on your app already. If they’re not on the same local network, then let’s use the Internet Discovery feature. Just tap on it, and then log in using your Google account. This will allow you to access other computers that are on other networks. After syncing your iPad and your computer, you’re just going to use the password that you have registered a while ago to gain remote access.

This is the moment to play around with the settings and the different features. Try them all out and maximize the five dollars you’ve spent.