Street Fighter for iPhone With 18 Characters

By On Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Last year, Capcom was releasing the Street Fighter IV. I think it is a great success for Capcom in bringing the console fun into the iPhone. They also support it by adding some new fighters in it such as Cammy and Sagat. However now, the new Street Fighter game has been available on the App Store. Surely, the new game has completely blow the previous version. They call it Street Fighter IV Volt.

The great thing is that  SFIV Volt has 18 characters from the beginning, instead of 8 in the previous game. You will not only able to play as Ryu, Ken, and others, but also the characters from SFIV console such as Sagat and Bison. But I think the biggest improvement is the ability to fight anyone in the world via WiFi, while the previous version was only offering Bluetooth multiplayer.

Just like in the console, you can use avatars and titles on your online profile. Even the avatar can be upgraded and fight against your opponent’s avatar in the Wandering Warrior mode. For the introduction, SFIV Volt is available on the App Store for $0.99. Reach it today, as Capcom will increase the price for $1 each day until they reach regular price of $6.99.