Stunt Chopper: iPhone’s 3D Simulator for Flight Addicts

By On Friday, November 25th, 2016 Categories : iphone
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Apple iPhone just got even better. Perhaps, it is one of the most powerful electronic gadgets ever built for so many purposes. Of course, it encompassed the needs of people when communication is the topic. With the 3G capability, anyone can browse the net anytime, anywhere without the hassle of logging into one of the computers. However, Apple was not satisfied with it. That’s why they added the 3.5G capability to all new iPhone models. Such bandwidth makes use of the HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) to browse the net. But there is more to that. 

IPhone has also served the needs of the gamers with its spectacular graphics resolutions which can compete any of the modern video game consoles. In fact, more game developers make it a point to introduce new games almost everyday for the iPhone users to download until they will be satisfied. But, satisfaction can never be met when new games are introduced; people tend to try some games which they have never played before. One of those games includes the Stunt Chopper; it is a 3D helicopter simulator which is made available in the AppStore. 

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Racing games seem to be so common nowadays that even a 5-year old can play perfectly. But flying games are so promising especially when you can choose the kind of chopper to fly over the stunning views of the mountains, lakes and rivers. Do not miss out the point; what I am saying is that the views are so realistic and alive when you are playing with your iPhone. Stunt Chopper offers much of fun and entertainment whether you are at home or out in the open with friends; it can certainly get the bore out of you. 

Here are the flight physics you can certainly enjoy when you are playing the Stunt Chopper in your iPhone; 

The Take-off’s

The most exciting part before you start playing is how to make a perfect take-off. It is also the start of the enjoyment you long for when you are alone with your iPhone. Take-off is just so realistic that will make you feel like you are really flying a real chopper. 

The Stunts

There are a lot of stunts which a player can learn how to execute while soaring up high with your iPhone. Controls are easy to navigate and doing any of the possible stunts will give you more satisfaction than playing with any video games. 

The Landings

This is the most challenging part of the game. Even in reality, landing a helicopter takes a lot of guts and controlled thrills. In Stunt Chopper, landing is the ultimate satisfaction for the gamer. 

Apple iPhone is more than just a phone; it is also a portable game console which will make you enjoy anywhere you want. While there are iPhones available in the market, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Do some stunts now with you iPhone playing the Stunt Chopper!

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