Suppliers Are Ready for iPhone 5 and iPad 3

By On Friday, June 22nd, 2018 Categories : iphone


We have already heard that iPhone 5 will come in September and iPad 3 will follow shortly after that. Now, there are rumors that the manufacturers and suppliers for the components are ready for production. It seems like Apple will produce some amount of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 on August, while te volume is increasing on September and October.

The DigiTimes said that iPhone 5 will be launched in September and might be launched in October. There are around 6-7 million units will be produced for the third quarter. It seems that there will be only a few months before Apple have a great success with the new smartphone.

While there are already a lot of rumors about iPhone 5 here and there about its dual CDMA/GSM compatibility, larger screen, much redesign, dual LED flash, and maybe NFC capabilities, we haven’t heard much about the iPad 3. With Apple’s annual cycles for their products, it is surprising for them to release iPad 3 just seven months after the previous model. If the iPhone 5 will really be launched in September, we’re just less than 2 months from finding out whether there will be another model that is similar to the current model for a less price.