The 40th Update to Pocket God

By On Saturday, May 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone


There are only a little amount of apps that can have a lot of update. One of those small amounts is Pocket God, which recently receive their 40th update. But this update doesn’t necessarily means a price increase as it will remains the same 99 cents. The new episode is called “battle of the Gods” and is build on the previous update which introduce the God Idols and God Island.

In this game, you have to use four of the idols in the showdown against the 40 gods on God Island. Each of the Idols has a different type of attack: Fast, Counter, and Strong. Each type has its own weakness: Fast beats Strong, Strong beats Counter, and Counter beats Fast. Moreover, you will obtain a new god to battle on each episodic update.

Don’t be satisfied yet. There is also the new Mafia skin pack which is available for also 99 cents in-app purchase to change the graphics on this game. With the skin, you will replace the volcano with New York skyline, the Sand Island’s statue with Pygmy on cement shoes, pizza pie to replace the moon, and much more. I think it is a good way from the developer, Bolt Creative, to keep the users entertained.