The Apple’s iPad Tablet, iPod Touch and iPhone 3G S in Comparison

By On Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 Categories : iPad

Every Apple’s product creation is designed according the traditional Apple scheme. In line with this fact, is the thought of deeming each product scheme per se of the iPhone 3G S and the iPod touch may be alike? What about the iPad, do you think it too is similar to the prior gadgets produced by the Apple Company? Well, they may be closely similar to each other but there should always be distinction.

In this article, we will be evaluating each product feature and functionality of each of the Apple’s contrivances – the iPod 3G S, the iPod touch and the latest iPad Tablet. Let us see which product really got the edge over the others.

Resemblance of Each Device

Let us start by evaluating the features and functions that make all three similar to each other.

  • Operating System. The iPhone 3G S runs on the iPhone OS modified version 3.2. Same thing it goes to the iPod touch and the newest iPad Tablet device. This is in contrast to what was speculated from the iPad gadget prior to the launching date. What was it? As what was buzzed over the Internet, some websites cited that the new iPad Tablet would be running on a Mac OS X version 10.6, also known as the Snow Leopard version. If this was true, then users could be able to take advantage of the 64-bit technology offered by such Operating System. However, as officially publicized by Apple last January 27th, the iPad actually runs on an iPhone OS version. That makes it somehow identical to the previous products released – the iPod touch and the iPhone 3G S.
  • Apps or Applications. All three are said to run on the same applications. They may appear to be the smaller and larger versions of each other; however, they are all running similar Apps.

Distinction of Each Device

  • Hardware. If anyone would judge each product physically, then he/she could perceive the difference between each of them. Apparently, each of them came out in different scheme, with different hardware being utilized, of course. Say for instance the other product has a cam, while the other one does not.
  • Software. If the hardware differs from each other, then much more with the software. Basing on the integration of software updates in each product release, it is obvious that each of these products would have different embedded software updates.
  • Size, Features and Functions. An apparent distinction between the three products is the size. One product provides users with a big or wide screen, while the others offer small, per se those in palm-sized. Aside from the size, the features and functions of each product evidently are at variance, too.
  • Price. But of course, the price range always differs from each other. Each product cost is based on the model. Take note of the price range between each product, the iPad would cost around $499-$829. While the iPhone 3G S costs between $199-299. Lastly, the iPod Touch costs around $199-$399. All the price ranges are based on each product’s model.

If we take a look at it, you can see the big difference. However, they may still obtain similar connotation from the consumers’ viewpoint, “All of them cost much.