The Basic How-To’s on iPad — It Pays to Know the Basics…

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While the iPad is embedded with several ostentatious features and utility functions, similar to the nature of every laptop and desktop, this Tablet is still but a unique type of computer machine itself. Similar to everybody’s need to know about the computer basics, discerning on the subsequent basic device manipulation information as such with the basic How-To’s on iPad is also essential. Read on to know about a few tips on how to work with your handy iPad gadget.

Understanding the Possible Issues

It is inevitable to every computer machine to experience technical glitches in the long run. This too, could happen to your own iPad. A frozen iPad is one common issue encountered by many users.

Here is how to fix an iPad that is freezing:

Note that the key solution to a frozen iPad is achieved by a simple restart. The concept is similar to those of the computer devices. In order to do the iPad restart, do a long-press on the home and hold buttons, simultaneously. You can locate these buttons just beneath the center screen of the iPad. The home button is depicted by a circular button on the specified location of the screen. Keep holding these buttons until you see the screen flashing and eventually darkens. Leave it off for about 60 seconds, good enough to refresh its memory.

After 60 seconds, you may then restart the iPad by holding down the Hold button. Keep holding until the Apple logo shows up. Your iPad should be good to go shortly after letting go of the hold button.

Turning Off the iPad

Just in case you failed to know on this, turning off the iPad is just similar to turning off the iPhones.

Here is how to turn off the iPad:

The iPad can be shutdown by pressing the Hold button found on the upper-right corner of the iPad screen. The Hold button that we are referring to here is not an onscreen button but rather a physical one. After you locate this button, just press it for few seconds and wait for the slider to show up. It typically appears on the uppermost portion of the screen, indicated with a “slide to power off” remark. Move the slider from left to right and the device should power off. An option to cancel iPad shutdown is also provided just in case you do not want to proceed with shutting down the device for now. Just tap the Cancel button located beneath the screen if you wish to cancel it.

How to turn on the iPad

Turning back on of the iPad device is just done by simply pressing on the Hold button until the screen will light up, eventually followed by the Apple logo. Once the logo is perceptible, you can let go of the Hold button and your iPad should boot up by then.

Hope this helps you a bit. More of the basic how-to’s on iPad will be provided in the relevant posts at this site.