The Excellent iPod Nano V3 from Apple

By On Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 Categories : iPod Nano, iPod Touch

Inclined technology, first-class quality, credibility and durability. All these marked the products released by the most popular Apple business. This is why the wisest among the wise consumers always opt for Apple product variety, available.

One explicit manifestation of Apple’s successful innovations is the unfading iPod Nano V3, which is made known to the public on the 7th of September, year 2005. It is described as a mid-range handy media player, which is embedded with lots of exciting features similar to the other Apple stuff. Yes, certainly there are a lots of features incorporated in this iPod Nano V3, because it merges both the iPod classic and iPod shuffle attributes. It is then a three-in-one iPod model.

The development of such iPod gadget comes from Apple’s core concept of substituting the iPod mini version, which took around nine months to accomplish. That surely is enough time for them to come up with a seemingly perfect design and prolific output, which is excellent.

Product Specification and Physical Design

You may want to review the successive design specs of the iPod Nano V3. They are given for you to afresh, get a grasp of Apple’s excellent design concept.

The iPod Nano V3 measures with a width of 40mm or 1.6 inches, a length of 90mm or 3.5 inches, and a thickness of 6.9mm or 0.25. It weighs around 42 grams or 1.5 ounces, small enough to make it handy. It is also incorporated with premium batteries that would endure up to fourteen hours. There is surely a lot of time to benefit from all the available services and features it caters to all users.

Product Features and Capabilities

After visualizing the physical design of this model, it is time to assess the succeeding product descriptions that highlight the overall functionality and capability of the iPod Nano V3 model.

  1. OS Compatibility. This model is well-matched with both Windows and Mac OS, which means it works with iTunes on either of the aforesaid platforms.
  2. Connectivity. Similar to the iPod mini, the 3rd and 4th iPod generation, V3 model is also able to hook up through the equal proprietary port connector through the computer’s universal serial bus port version 2.0.
  3. Battery. Batteries can also be recharged over Firewire. Even though this model utilizes alike link with the Firewire iPod cable.
  4. Security. It is considered as the first iPod model that is integrated with a new lyrics screen, which can be modified with the use of iTunes. Moreover, V3 also has a joint lock attribute that utilizes the click wheel when locking the iPod. This is for information security.
  5. Other Features. Aside from security, V3 also possess several interesting features like a manifold time-zone clock utility, and a stop watch.

Now you discern the rationale why Apple iPod Nano V3 deserves to be hailed as an excellent iPod Nano replica, so far.