The Finest eBook Applications for the iPhone Device

By On Friday, January 5th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Want to maximize your iPhone’s functionality with more essential utilities? How about making it more informative? If you think so, then consider the potential eBook apps specifically intended to work with your iPhone contrivance. In this article, three of the finest eBook Applications for the iPhone device will be introduced one by one. If you are interested in adding one into your iPhone gadget, please read on the entire passage, for you to get the idea as to what eBook iPhone app to choose later.

  • Amazon iPhone Kindle App: Partner eBook —

Yes, it is a Kindle app from Amazon that is deliberated for the iPhone device. For those who are fresh book fanatics, looking for the bestseller updates, this would be the right app for you. What can you expect from the Amazon iPhone Kindle?

  • PROS
    • Offers a wide variety of eBook price options to choose from.
    • More available font size preferences.
    • Ideally cost around $9.99 for the latest Amazon iPhone Kindle.
  • CONS
    • Seemingly inconvenient buying method, which means that for you to download fresh eBooks, you would need to toggle between the iPhone’s mobile browser and the application itself.
    • A wide variety of font size choices but the font face is only limited to one.
  • Stanza iPhone App: Partner eBook — Lexcycle

For those who opt to have the finest eBook reading interface, the Stanza iPhone is a potential application for you. A common issue with the iPhone device is its small screen size, which sometimes hinder your reading activity. With the simple user interface offered by the Stanza app, you would avail of the following:

  • PROS
    • Not have a hard time visualizing your iPhone’s text display.
    • Moreover, with the Stanza app, you can also customize the settings like the font face and sizes
    • Format screen page display in a way that is easier for your vision
    • Available Free eBooks from Project Gutenberg
  • CONS
    • Compared to, the most popular, latest releases from Lexcycle are more expensive.
  • Classics iPhone App: Partner eBook –Andrew Kaz & Phil Ryu

If you are looking for a high quality, more graphical eBook interfaces, then you may consider incorporating the Classics App into your iPhone device. Behind the Classic App, you can obtain:

  • PROS
    • Complete with graphics and images
    • Enhanced page turns, embedded with sound effects
    • Provides you with a real book reading experience with your iPhone
  • CONS
    • Limited number of classic eBooks available
    • Pay for acquisition of this app, unlike the Amazon Kindle and Stanza apps

So far, these are only three from the top lists of eBook applications available for your iPhone device. Along with the abovementioned apps are the Barnes & Noble eReader App, Fictionwise eReader and more. This is just a heads up, though. The final choice is always in you. Learn more about the finest eBook Applications available for the iPhone Device.