The Frotz Application for the iPod Touch

By On Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

There are quite a lot of applications that have been made by amateurs for the iPod Touch, and, truth be told, most of them are quite a bit more interesting then those sold in the App Store. Add the fact that they are free, and you have yourself a combination that will win out every time. Probably my favorite of these applications is the Frotz app.

This nifty little program allows you to play those classic text games that are available at It was a rather creative touch to create a compatible version for the iPod, as iPod Touch text games have rather gone out of style in recent years, an unfortunate consequence of the number of high-graphic, low-plotline games being mass produced every day.

But if you are still a fan of those old school storybook classics, you will be thrilled with the Frotz. With a large story list, plenty of frequent updates, and just the chance to hang out getting nostalgic, this is one of the best apps currently out there, and with it’s increasing popularity, it is easier then ever to get it for yourself.

The actual program is located at, and was created by spathiwa. It is also available on iBrickr, iBreezy, and Installer, and the rumors that it has been moved to the iTunes App store has now been validated. You should also check out the huge archive of text adventures at Wurb, where they have hundreds of files for various platforms, to help you fight that craving for a good interactive story.

The easiest way to download free Frotz iPod Application is to go to their Google Code page that was offered above, and click on their Version 1.0.1, which will redirect you to the download page. If you have any questions about the program, be sure to click on the ‘Wiki’ tab, which offered a support file, as well as a main page that explains what the program does. You can also get the source code by clicking on the ‘Source’ tab, which allows you to anonymously check out the latest code released for the project.

The stories themselves are impressive, and each ipod text game is obviously written by a true enthusiast, who knows just what they are doing. It’s also nice to see they have the general writing skills to back up the hobby, and it really allows you to be drawn into the Frotz game, rather then spending your time distracted by easily avoided errors, and bad story telling.

So if you used to love the classic text games that so many of us started out long lives of geekdom on, then you will love the Frotz iPod application. The easily downloadable program files, the easy installation, the frequent updates, and the huge amount of text games that come with it are sure to slay boredom, and entertain no matter where you are.

You could get this free and Best iPod Touch game by clicking the itunes button below: