The iPad 3 and the Country of China

By On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 Categories : iPad

Apple has been doing great this past quarter. Their sales are amazing and way off the charts, resulting to record breaking profit. Their performance could be rooted on a number of milestones conquered. First achievement would be closing the deal with Verizon as a partner network. Verizon is the top telecommunications company in the United States, and offering their products with both AT&T and Verizon made a significant boost of sales in America. the second milestone is that iPad became a trend in Asia especially in China. This produced a significant rise on Apple sales given that it’s even in the competitor’s territory.

Apple is targeting Asia to provide the significant change they have been planning for a very long time. These are two significant changes that could just control the gadget market for the next few years to come. First of these changes is conquering China’s market with the iPad 3.

Now, Apple is trying to expand their market more by formalizing it in China. How? It is said that officials from China United Network Telecommunications Ltd. is going to introduce the iPad 3 in China. Sales of the iPad 2 even without their endorsement is already a hit in China, so how much more if they’re actually going to endorse the iPad 3 now? They are supposedly going to endorse the iPad 2 instead but because the iPad 3 is almost here, they have decided to launch the iPad 3 instead.

Apple has already proven analysts wrong time and again, that’s why this time, with the anticipation of the third generation of the iPad, analysts are estimating bigger reserving a lot of space for Apple to fill in. Of course even with all these efforts, Apple is still keeping their fingers crossed. The iPad 2 has just been recently released and releasing the iPad 3 a little too soon could kill the iPad 2’s market. Aside from the big possibility that releasing it too soon could result to shortage of stocks – like what happened to the iPad 2 in its first few months. For almost two months after iPad 2’s release there had been ridiculous shortage of stock, and Apple has just started catching up with the demand.

Moving on, the second significant change that Apple wants to achieve is to manufacture the perfect HD screen for the iPad 3. Two Korean firms are working hard right now to manufacture this before the early deadline – LG and Samsung. Obviously, if there would be a company in the world that would be able to make an LCD with Apple’s impossible requirements, it’s one of them. Samsung however is having issues with Apple right now so the bets are all on LG bagging the deal. These are all rumors  up to now though, because none of the three companies are releasing any official statement yet. For now, all we could do is wai and hope for the best.

Apple has been really listening to the demands of their consumers and the market trends, and all of their hard work is now paying off.