The iPad 3: Top 3 Rumors.

By On Monday, April 9th, 2018 Categories : iPad

As if the excitement brought by the iPad 2 is still not enough, another iPad release is already rumored – the iPad 3. there are actually two iPads due for release, and while both of them were just rumored, the iPad HD is said to be already confirmed by Apple to be released along with the iPhone 5 in September. There were even rumors that the iPad HD and the iPad 3 is just one product, but apparently the iPad HD belongs to the iPad 2 line, and not a replacement of the iPad 3.

Rumor On Its Manufacturer?

The iPad 3  is a still rather mysterious products, and we can just imagine how much anticipative rumors are going around, as how the same speculations arose before the release of the iPad 2. One of the news connected to the iPad 3 is the said transfer of its manufacturer – from Foxconn to Pegatron, or a sharing could split between the two. Due to the high demand, and also because Apple really wants to get the iPad 3 released early, they might plan to hire another manufacturer aside from Foxconn. The question now is, why Pegatron? Simple. Pegatron is the manufacturer of the to-be-released iPhone 5.

This fact though, cancelled out the rumor that it brought up; because Pegatron is already up to their highest efforts to meet the demand of the iPhone 5, it is most unlikely they would sign another project with Apple for the next few months. However, if the release of iPhone 5 goes smoothly, it is going to be understandable  how Pegatron could land the contract of manufacturing the iPad 4. So to keep the information straight: Foxconn is going to be the sole manufacturer of the iPad 3, while Pegatron is manufacturing the iPhone 5; and while both of them have a huge chance of signing the contract in manufacturing the iPad 4, it is going to be Pegatron, most likely, to win it.

Rumor On Its Resolution?

The information about the iPad 3 so far is still pretty scarce, but there was a certain information dropped during the launch of MacBook Air regarding the resolution of the next iPad. It is said to be five to six times higher the resolution of the iPad 2, or to put it in numbers: 2560×1920. This is said to be the ultimate resolution that a 9.7 inch panel could possibly achieve. Of course, this resolution could be unbelievable, and we have our own choice whether to believe these rumors or not.

Rumor On Its Release Date?

Apple has indeed tagged 2011 to be the year of the iPad 2, and so far it has been. They have left their competitors scrambling to release tablets to dethrone the iPad 2 from continuing its reign. The release of these “competitor tablets” are on their way, and these releases could indeed shake the stable throne of the iPad 2. This creates a speculation that Apple would rush the release of the iPad 3 to have something to rattle their competitors and knock them out.

In reality, this is really most unlikely to happen. First, it would kill the demand of their own product (the iPad 2, which had just recently been released for international shipping), and second, Apple is still occupied with the incoming release of the iPhone 5 and the iPad HD.

For now, we can only keep our fingers crossed and our ears ready for more rumors to come!