The iPad Bags The Second Place!

By On Saturday, April 14th, 2018 Categories : iPad

It is not a secret how big Apple is earning right now. It’s true and obvious how they make billions of dollars, but they have a lot of items on sale so the question is which items are making them big, and which items are not.

Their top item right now is the iPhone. It merges the fun of the iPod, the convenience of the cellphone, with some functions from a computer. It is practically understandable why the iPhone has become such a big phenomenon. It is one of the smartest phones to date. It’s very handy, easy-to-use, and it eliminates the need for the iPod.

The Second Top Selling Apple Gadget: The iPad!

It backfires to the sales of the iPod though. Moving on, and bagging the second place of top selling Apple product is the iPad. The iPhone just gotten smaller, and also a little cheaper than the iPad, that’s why it’s still holding the number one place, but if time comes that the iPad is made thinner and lighter, as well as relatively almost the same price with the iPhone already, then the iPad could just topple down the iPhone form its throne.

It features the functions of the iPhone and more functions of a computer, but more lightweight than a laptop. Aside from that, it is currently taking Asia by storm, selling high and currently trending China’s market. A very big threat to Apple’s toughest competitors mostly coming from Asia. They should’ve monopolized Asian market, but lo and behold, even in their territory, apple is making billions of dollars by selling millions of iPads.

It’s not looking very promising for Apple’s competitors as well, because apparently Apple is just beginning. There are a lot of iDevices still in line for their respective launches this year, and the next. The consumers from all over the world just can’t wait for each gadgets’ release, and analysts are expecting that these gadgets are also going to make as much sales as the current sales of the iPhone and the iPad, even more!

These big profits are just all products of Apple’s hard work as well as all the dedication, creativity, and intelligence, that went with each gadget’s creation. So far they are the ones setting the trend while their competitors are just at the mercy of waiting for their releases. So far their competitors are just waiting for Apple to release gadgets so they could copy or pattern new products from them.

Bottom line is, the future is very bright for Apple, and we could only expect more amazing gadgets from them. The bar that they have set already is really high, as well as consumer expectations. They have to overcome the bar that they have set themselves, while they have put their competitors where they want them to be.

The only possible problem that Apple could encounter in the future though, is to run out of ideas. Anyway, this problem could easily be solved by consumer advice and by closely monitoring jailbreaking activities. They should definitely take consumer advices to heart, and with regards to jailbreaking, hackers do this because they see something lacking from their current iOS, so instead of conquering them, maybe the best thing to do is to take cues from all of them.