The iVideoBot Pro App for iPhone and iPod Devices

By On Friday, January 12th, 2018 Categories : iphone

If you are looking for a video converter for your iPhone or iPod gadgets, the iVideoBot Pro could be worth an attempt. Excellent video converting utility and over-all performance are its guarantee to anyone who wishes to utilize it.

Yet, prior to jumpstart in using any video converter software as such this iVideoBot Pro, it is but always necessary to have at least the basic information about it.

Overview of the iVideoBot Pro Application

Originally called the iPodRobot Free iPod Video Converter, iVideoBot Pro is technically defined as a program that is responsible of performing batch-conversion of common video files into file formats that are compatible with or readable by the iPhone or iPod system. Compatible file formats for both devices are those of MP3 or MP4 file formats. With the iVideoBot Pro, you can copy all your favorite videos and songs to your portable gadget regardless of their file types.

The Role of iVideoBot Pro to iPhone and iPod

While Apple has designed both the iPhone and iPod with video and music playing utility, there are no still several file types that either of these two portable gadgets does neither read or support. This is one of the limitations these gadgets seize. In order to resolve the issue, video and music converters in a form of applications or separate programs are made available. These are usually referred to as 3rd party software or applications.

The iVideoBot Pro app for iPhone and iPod is designed to resolved any of the common file format issues when playing songs or viewing videos. These would include:

1. File (music/video) size is too large for the gadget system to accommodate.

2. You are having problems splitting the music file segments from videos.

3. Neither video nor music is read/played by the gadgets.

iVideoBot Pro will help you solve these issues in a quick and easy manner. As a video converter it is also capable of doing file conversions like:

1. Convert other files to iPod/iPhone videos as such MOV, RM, VOB, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, WMV and more.

2. Convert other music files to MP3 format, playable with iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and other Apple handy gadgets.

3. Convert video files to MP4 format, playable with iPhone and iPod Touch.

More Functions

Moreover, with iVideoBot pro, you can also trim videos, configure the start and end segments of the video clip, choose from different audio tracks embedded in a video file, attached multi-video files into a single video file.

High-Speed Performance

The iVideo Bot pro for iPhone and iPod is indeed very easy to utilize. Its user-interface is designed as skin-able, which can be customized by any user. Additionally, the conversion procedure it does is indeed high-speed, and even faster that the real-time speed of any movie.

Download iVideo Bot pro for your iPhone here.