The Lie Detector Advanced App For The iPod Touch

By On Monday, August 22nd, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

A few applications have been officially released for the iPod Touch that use voice activated software that works as a lie detector, but this is so far the only free one I have found. Despite being an amateur program, the Lie Detector Advanced app for the iPod Touch is actually pretty good, and since it doesn’t cost so much as a dime, it’s especially great.

While the quality doesn’t quite match up to the original Lie Detector that can be bought at the App Store, it works well enough to give a pretty accurate reading, and it uses the same technology that is used by the CIA and FBI when incorporating voice-reading software in their interrogations. Who wouldn’t love to check that out?

The premise behind the software is actually simple, and was used long before voice recording was a commonplace method of deciphering the truth. The voice is one of the greatest indicators of stress, and when a person lies, the stress levels in their voice increase, making it possible to tell when they are stretching the truth. The greater the strain, the greater the lie. You can also use their breathing, and swallowing as a factor, and the Lie Detector Advanced for the iPod matches all of these factors to tell you when someone is lying.

One thing, though: If you are planning on testing this bad boy out, which is something I myself tried to do, it won’t work if you use it on yourself. When you tell a lie that has no consequence, or chance of someone finding out, it won’t cause any stress. Therefore, there will be no giveaways in the voice, and the Lie Detector Advanced can’t tell if you are being untruthful. If you want to make it work, you have to catch someone in a lie, or lie to someone else.

To download the program, visit the App Store, where they have a link to get the Lie Detector Advanced for free. The installation is really easy, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting it to work, and it comes with detailed instructions on the download page. The program is also self explanatory, with a ‘record’ button, and a rating system that tells you the level of truthfulness in the person’s voice.

Lie Detector App for iPod Touch

So, whether you want to find out if your girlfriend is lying about being out until 5 AM with her friends at a club, or if you just think it’s a fun little program that might have the added benefit of proving your friend’s latest conquest with the hot girl at the coffee shop is total BS, the Lie Detector Advanced for the iPod Touch is worth the download.

What are you waiting for? This Lie Detector iPod Touch App is free, so you have no excuse, and remember, if you try to give one, we can tell if you are lying. So, check it out today, and find out if everyone is really as truthful as they would like you to think.

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