The New iPod Nano Released

By On Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 Categories : iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano has been launched to fulfill the thirst of the music lovers. This new gadget has never rocked like before offering the best if best features for its users. It comes with excellent features, sleek design, attractive colors, a wide range of memory and an extensive range of collection. It is specially been releases for those who are ready to rock, that comes with nine astonishing colors and with a sleek and slender design. All the above said details are just some part of the details; get ready to know more about the incredible features. Just experience the design of all new aluminum glass structure and for sure one will not keep their iPod nano down.

The latest Genius attribute turns iPod nano gadget in to one’s own extremely intelligent, personal DJ. The New iPod nanocreates play lists by searching songs in the library that goes grand together. Just give the Apple iPod nano a good shake and then it shuffles to the next song present in the library. Can’t believe it, isn’t? Yes, this is possible just because of the inbuilt accelerometer that enhances this feature. In addition you can turn your iPod touch to view the current albums in the cover flow.