The News Feed Elite iPhone App for the News Junkie

By On Monday, January 22nd, 2018 Categories : iphone

Are you the person who always wants to be updated with what’s happening in your country or locality?

Are you the kind of person who wants to bring technology in your pocket?

If so, then you must have owned an iPhone and have downloaded the News Feed Elite iPhone App. However, if you still in the brink of deciding whether or not you want to buy this app, read this article further so that you will be enlightened.

News Feed Elite iPhone App has been developed by Dr. James Leung, the CEO of the Smartest Apple, to cater all the needs of the people who do not want to be the last ones to know the latest news. It has mobile links and bookmarks to more than 200 news sources. Can you believe it? Wait, there is more…

With this app, you will be able to gain direct access to different news categories such as World News, Regional News, U.S. News, Technological News, Entertainment News, Sports News, Financial News as well as most of the popular websites. What you need to have is an access to a Wifi or any 3G network so that you can connect to the net.

Here is one of the tricky features; just tap on the X button which you can find in the toolbar so that the screen will be maximized, tap on that same area to simply bring back the toolbar. Now, your toolbar can lock the rotation, adjust settings and create your own bookmarks. By simply playing with the toolbar, you will almost do everything. Well, if you are not impressed with what News Feed Elite iPhone App can do, here’s more…

Aside from the tilt-scrolling which is considered as “normal” for iPhone, the app also has the “ad-blocking” capability so that all you need to see in your little screen are news, reading offline is also featured because not all the time you have connection, twitter, facebook and instapaper integration and customization are also being featured to complete the list of the most useful functionalities of News Feed Elite.

Moreover, this app also offers a slick kind of browsing by turning the boring or not mobile-friendly websites into something which you can actually appreciate. You will no be having a hard time reading the super small fonts or having to hold your finger down to enable the zoom because this app will take care of everything.

Therefore, if you cannot wait to read your morning paper the next day, have yourself one of these and enjoy the freshest news which will be delivered straight to your iPhone. With $1.99 (price), there is nothing you can really ask for. It is so much inexpensive considering the functionality it brings to your iPhone and to yourself.

You can Download News Feed Elite here.