The Next Generation Paper – iNewspaper

By On Monday, February 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone

The Next Generation Paper – iNewspaper. Apple with its innovative technological services has always captured the attraction of the tech savvy people providing various applications which provides complete freedom from the regular hiccups in life. The latest entry into the family of Apple applications is the iNewspaper. This particular technology enables a person to download electronic version of any newspaper available over the internet. Though this application has been ready, they are planning to hold the same until the next generation iPad is released.

According to different sources and rumors spread around, Apple iNewspaper is on the similar tracks of the already present iBooks from Apple. This particular technology enables people to download various versions of the newspaper providing relief from the regular paper issue and also at the same time provide publishing agencies subscriptions rather than sell a single issue. With digital technology enabled in the application, it is possible for the publishers to integrate audio tracks, video tracks and even hyperlinks.

A recent from Bloomberg states that Apple is in talks with various publishing houses discussing about the pricing, subscription fees and revenue sharing points. Among the various newspapers publishing houses present in the talks consists of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which has expressed interest to be part of the iNewspaper technology to provide digital issues to iPad. Various newspapers such as “The New York Times” and other well-known newspapers have already started their own application to provide digital version to iPad and to the Android driven smartphones.

iPad, which has sold over 11 million units expects to see much further increase in the products sale by the end of the year. Capturing a fraction of the users from this enormous database can really reap in good revenues to both the publishing companies and Apple. The only problem that Apple has to overcome is the revenue sharing concept with the newspaper publishing houses as Apple here places the role of a middleman. Such concept was never seen before any industry and Apple is here trying to create a new history with the concept.

The aim behind developing this particular tool was to provide complete access to the digital newspaper editions to users which were available on a single platform. User can easily select a particular edition of a newspaper and go through the same without many hurdles. According the leading trade analyst Ben Wood, Apple is bringing the change in the publishing houses by asking them to invest in digital media publishing content. The talks are still on which will help finalize the share between the publishers and the Apple in this particular venture. Apple collects a massive 30% share from sales of music and games applications from the content providers.

Apple, with the latest technological creation is attracting many people around the globe not only with its technological skills but also capturing the attention of intellectuals present. This particular service at present is to be released for people in United States. According to sources, Apple has provided software to publishing houses which will enable them to create electronic magazines and newspapers with high resolution media along with other activities.