The Original iPhone Film Festival

By On Saturday, April 14th, 2018 Categories : iPad

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The Original iPhone Film Festival

The Original iPhone Film Festival has already started and they are now awaiting entries for the competition. The main requirement is that the film you’re going to submit MUST be made (shot, taken, and edited) using only your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. There are different categories namely fiction, brand film, non-fiction, and music videos. All entries should not be over three minutes long so it shouldn’t be too hard and complicated.


To make it even easier, the Original iPhone Film Festival divided the steps you need to pursue in order to make a movie into three steps: shoot, edit, and upload. So you only need the Apple device that you already own to shoot the film, or the scenes that you want to include in your film. Their site has also suggested some apps that could help you do this. These apps are Almost DSLR, iTime Lapse Pro, Movie Slates, Clips for iMovie, and Prep for iMovie.


After shooting your short film, of course you wouldn’t want to submit it raw, right? You might want to edit it a little bit to make it look more professional and impressive. It’s understandable that it would really impress their team if you have also edited your film over your iOS device, but you could also edit your film using your computer. You can not take your shots using other devices though. Take note, using a computer is only allowed on the editing part, not the shooting part. You can not cheat on this part as well. In any case, if you have decided to edit your film over your iOS device just to make sure, you can use these apps also recommended by the film festival site. They are iMovie, iMusic Video, Splice, Video Edit, and Real Director.


Done with all the editing and your pretty confident with what you have created already? Then the next and final step is to upload. All entries should only be submitted and uploaded through the film festival website in order to be credited as an official entry. There are no limits in regards with the number of entries so you could upload as many film entries as you like, just make sure that you beat the deadline – September 30.

To submit, you only have to fill out the submission form provided by the main website. After filling it up, you are now free to upload as many entries as you like, as already mentioned. After a successful submission, you will then be emailed assuring you that they have successfully received your entry. All the entries are going to be judged by famous personalities, like Maroon 5, and New York Times technology writer David Pogue, just to name a few.