The Pros and Cons Of The iPad

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The iPad is a portable tablet computer developed by Apple. It has a strong functional resemblance to the iPod Touch except for its larger display. You can use it to connect to the internet either via Wi-Fi or 3G, depending on the model you are using. Because it uses the same operating system as the iPhone, it can run similar iPhone applications. The gadget imposes a 9.7 inch color IPS LCD display that will be LED-backlit. You can use a virtual keyboard for your text input.

Like the iPhone, the iPad will only run software that is purchased through Apple App Store. Because both products share the same development environment, the iPhone SDK or Software Development Kit, users familiar with iPhone would feel the striking likeness share by both gadgets. With the release of the SDK for iPad, developers can now modify their existing iPhone apps to run on and utilize iPad’s larger screen display. Developers are welcomes to create specially designed apps for iPad and the device can run most iPhone apps either unmodified or enlarged to best fit the bigger iPhone screen display.

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Safari, Mail, Video, Photo, Youtube, Maps, Calendar, iTunes, iPod are just a few of the apps the iPad tablet pc comes with. Apple’s new iBooks application and its iBookstore will also be integrated in the device. You can purchase additional apps like the Pages, Numbers and Keynote for $9.99 in the App Store.

Media reaction to the iPad tablet pc has been mixed. Users complain that one of its biggest drawbacks is its lack of camera, multitasking and the all-important (for internet surfers) flash support. Surfing the net with the bigger iPad screen is said to be better as webpages are no longer cropped to fit the screen. The only problem is that blue boxes take the place where flash animations should be, making it a little frustrating at times. Its speed is noticeably faster than its predecessors and praised for its quick loading of applications. However, the device’s lack of multitasking support puts its accelerated hardware capabilities to waste. For bookworms, the iBook becomes a very important feature. It is well designed and elegant just as any other Apple apps. For serious readers however, the extra sharp texts in its pages might cause some eye strain.

Stephen Fry commented just days after the device was unveiled that people should actually use the gadget themselves as it is one of those products that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Since the iPad is still in its early years, Apple is open to suggestions from users that would make this little wonder the device they wish it to be.

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