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This restaurant nutrition app for ipod touch has the healthcare & fitness category, has a zero point eight size. Are you dieting this time? Do you like to be aware the calorie values in a chocolate chips? It has one thousand six hundred calories. You might as well add this iPod application now. It will enable you tracking and viewing of calories, the proteins, carbohydrates and the fats to all restaurant menu’s to the very famous restaurants on Northern part of USA. It got small listings of restaurants this time however they are promising more listings of restaurants, in updates sooner. It reminds of, when we are in need of people in franchising the Kuwait’s Chick Fil A. Which is such a excellent place.

Restaurant Nutrition iPhone App

This restaurant nutrition free ipod touch application won’t only let you search for the fast foods details you’d eat, it will also monitor progress on it, in the future reference. Restaurant nutrition free iPod touch application lets you look for easily find the foods you’d enjoy.

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Restaurant Nutrition