Three Most Promising Features of Apple’s iLife 2010

By On Sunday, December 4th, 2016 Categories : iphone

What will you expect from the latest iLife 2010 from Apple?

Apple Company will then again start a new year with a big blast. The grand 2010 debut of Apple’s latest creations is fast approaching. Apparently, this news has brought various reactions to everyone who has heard about it. A mixed emotion of excitement, hope, and doubt, is what people sensed. Eager Apple fanatics will surely be excited about this news. On the other hand, hopes and doubts are for those who are expectant for better features to be realized in the new software update of the existing Apple contrivances.

The iLife 2010 is said to be one of the three major features of Apple during their upcoming product release on the 27th of this month. This is along with the two prominent software update –iPhone 4.0 OS and the Tablet. All three are rumored to bid superb functionalities to the existing iPhone and Apple devices. If others presage the iPhone 4.0 OS update as the “magic arse” how would you deem the iLife 2010 creation?

Three of the most promising features of iLife 2010 will be elaborated in the subsequent details. These are the guaranteed doable attributes to be incorporated in the iLife. However, the information that will be disclosed are just considered assumption and outlook for the coming Apple update.

  1. Better iTunes Application. A very interesting attribute that evidently brings more significance to the iPhone contrivance is the iTunes feature. It is doable that Apple would design its latest iTunes 10 for iLife 2010, with syncing utility to the fabled iTablet. This would then be a better sync support that may include syncing of the over-the-air-contents.
  2. iLife X Feature. It is been rumored that the newest iLife iteration would entail Mac OS X 10.6 or the Snow Leopard platform. Considering this thought, it would then be expected that iLife users would be able to take advantage of the awesome Snow Leopard feature, per se the 64-bit technology. However, it could also mean that iLife 2010 would be considered an Intel-only update.
  3. iDVD Feature. The iDVD feature could be another potential significant update from Apple in the 2010 media. It’s being hummed over the web and some major TV networks that Apple might intend to release its foremost Blue-ray drives. Although, several relevant sources also cited that Apple will be focusing more on the digital content production.

Will Apple make these promising features available in their latest release? Let us find out on the 27th episode and see what is really with the iLife 2010.