Three Simple Tips and Tricks with iPod and Mac

By On Thursday, December 1st, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

Other than music are the essential information embedded (built-in) and supplemented (newly-added) by the user. This is the rationale behind iPod being called an Information portable contrivance. How can you make use of your iPod to the fullest? How could you get the most out of it, knowing that you are paying much for having it?

If you think you sought to know what else you can do with your iPod gadget, then you may deem with the subsequent tips and tricks for iPod manipulation.

  • Play Music thru Mac from iPod. Playing your favorite music thru your Mac computer straight from your iPod is now possible. Due to the insistent public demand, certain software has been developed for users to play music in their iPods thru their Mac pc. This is called the iPodRip. The 3rd-party software in which a trial version of it can be downloaded from the Little App Factory. After you download this software, connect your Mac to your iPod. Then launch the iPodRip to open the iPod library. To play the songs with iPodRip, just double-click on the song name. You can also do the same by highlighting the song, then click on the play button. The play button is spotted on the upper-left corner of the iPodRip screen. Other option for playing songs is done by utilizing the play button controls in the menu bar section.
  • Internet Radio Recording. Radio broadcasting is now made accessible via Internet Radio broadcasting. This means that you can now tune in to your favorite radio broadcasts. Just save the radio broadcast into your Mac pc and duplicate into your iPod system. If you are ready to record, just type in the URL of the broadcasting station. The radio program will be recorded as MP3 files, so you better save more space for these files are quite huge.
  • Weblogs or Podcasting. Podcasting is often linked with weblogs. This is due to the fact that multiple media files are spotted in weblogs, other than graphics and typical texts. Podcasting is the collection of downloadable discrete media files, that is not only limited to Apple’s iPod. You can also listen to a podcast via Windows Media. With iPodder, you can download audio files from the Internet periodically and then copy them to iTunes for them to be store to your iPod. The iPodder is a downloadable, little app that is active on your Mac, which can also be configured to be well-run with the latest podcasts at normal intervals.

Further information about iPod tips and tricks are coming up in the next posts. If you want to be more acquainted with them, be sure to keep posted.