New York Post No Longer Works on iPad’s Browser

By On Sunday, June 10th, 2018 Categories : iPad


It is the new era when people want to get their news from digital sources. All media have to adapt to this new demand from users. They even have to do something foolish. See The New York Post. That is one of your trusted newspaper to read. But now if you type their URL on your iPad’s address bar, you will be prompted to install the app (which is not free) instead of displaying the content. They even asking you to signup for subscription.

Why did I said that it is a foolish decision? Firstly, people can get what they want to read freely with a simple Google search, which means that they will stop reading The New York Post. Secondly, people still can reach their website with alternative browser such as Opera Mini. Last but not least, I think the app should be free so more people will install it.

Yes, they might want to remove the ads from their website. But remember that reducing access to your content might not be the best way to find new friends. If you want your heaviest fans to pay, you can do it like The Financial Times or The New York Times. They let the users to read some amount of articles per month for free.