Tons of Business for Resellers With iPhone 5

By On Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 Categories : iphone

It seems like iPhone won’t be only a business for Apple, as the other companies in the mobile market is trying to have their part of the pie. There are the mobile operators and accessory makers which is offering the iPhone users some amount of money for their older iPhone models, refurbish the device, and then sell it with a higher price.

If you don’t understand about how the business is running, here it is. Last year, a reseller site, Gazelle, is able to trade 32,000 iPhones. Even only a few minutes after the iPhone 4 was announced, there are more than 10,000 iPhones come in. This year, the figure was only 18,000, but when the iPhone 5 is coming to the market, I’m pretty sure that the number will change in a big way.

Also don’t forget that the iPhone 4 was a pretty big update in the Apple’s product list, and maybe if Apple was also able to impress us again with their new smartphone, it will be a huge surge. With the rumors coming in about the iPhone 5’s specification, as well as the iOS 5 which reach the almost end beta version, I think Apple will be able to impress us once again with the device.