Top 10 Ways to extend your iPhone Battery’s Life

By On Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Everyone knows how powerful, entertaining and fun it is to have an iPhone. But not everybody knows what the real weakness of iPhone or iPod is–the battery. These devices may excel in all aspects of being a smartphone and extreme music and video player; however, the more powerful they become, the more their batteries get drained faster. Therefore, you need to charge it everyday to continue the fun. But doing so will shorten your iPhone and iPod batteries. Fortunately, there are a lot of things your can do to extend the lives of those batteries; here are the top 10 ways:

#1. Turn the Auto-Brightness On

The ambient light sensor of the iPhone will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the light which surrounds it. By turning this option on, you will be able to save battery as the iPhone will adjust the brightness when you are in bright places.

Go to Settings => Brightness

#2. Adjust the Screen Brightness to Low

Reducing the screen brightness a bit cannot make a really noticeable difference in shades. However, by doing so, there is a great difference in battery consumption. Therefore, lowering the screen brightness down will help you save some battery.

Go to Settings => Brightness

#3. Turn Off the Bluetooth Feature

Bluetooth is really helpful especially when you are a music lover as you do not require a wire to listen to your favorite music. Also, it is helpful in transmitting data wirelessly. However, turning it on at all times takes a really great amount of battery from your iPhone. Turn it off whenever you are not using it.

Go to Settings => General

#4. Turn 3G Off

Newer iPhone have 3G capability which can make the quality of the call superb. What everyone does not know is, it takes generous amount of battery. It may be a lot inconvenient to you but if you want to save on your battery turn the 3G off and use EDGE instead. You will not notice the difference.

Go to Settings => General => Network

#5. Always Keep our WiFi Off

WiFi is yet another high-speed network which enables you to connect faster than 3G. More often you will leave it on for the hopes of finding a hotspot. Unfortunately, leaving it on permanently is just another way to drain our battery faster. Turn it off if you are not using it.

Go to Settings => WiFi

#6. Turn Location Services Off

iPhone 3G features a cool GPS locator. This can help you determine where you are and may give your driving directions whenever you are driving. Aside from that you will be able to easily find restaurants and other establishments you need. Well, it also needs some power to work. Therefore, if you are not using it badly, turn it off to save battery.

Go to Settings => General

#7. Turn Off the Data Push Feature

One of the coolest features of iPhone 3Gs is that it can easily suck email or other data down to it. Thus, it needs to have access to the network to do so. Therefore, it will take much of your battery if you turn it on most of the times.

Go to Settings => Fetch New Data

#8. Practice to Fetch You Emails Less Often

As long as your device connects to the network, a great amount of power is required. Thus, limiting it to fetch email would certainly help you save your battery. So, make it a point to fetch your email at a specified time of the day so that you can set the features correctly.

Go to Settings => Fetch New Data

#9. Set the Auto-Lock Sooner

Letting your iPhone go to sleep sooner (or auto-lock) will generously help in lowering down battery consumption because the sooner it locks or sleeps, the lesser the power used to run other services or the screen brightness. You may want to set the Auto-Lock to 1 minute or so…

Go to Settings => General => Auto-Lock

#10. Choose Apps with Low Battery Consumption

It is inevitable that there are some apps which require much of a battery so that they will function well. Others would make the screen becomes brighter or run multiple services. Thus, they will certainly eat up your battery faster. Therefore, it pays a lot to choose the apps which are not fast battery-eaters.

Still, there are a lot of things you can do to save your iPhone from further trouble or prolong the life of the battery. More often than not, it is just a common sense which is needed to be used to know those things. If you are a fan of iPhone, you must know it inside out. These tips, however, have already been tested to be effective in economizing the battery of your device.