Top 3 Email Apps To Replace Crashing Mail App

By On Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 Categories : iPad

So the built-in Mail app crashes. So what? There are other e-mail apps out there that could sufficiently replace your Mail app. Here are the top three choices that you may want to look at and try when the time comes that the Mail app finally gets into your nerves to the point that you want to replace it already.

The first two choices got tied up at the first place. It’s up to you whether you are a GMail or YahooMail user.

Yahoo! App Replaces Mail App

Certified Yahoo! user? Then this app’s definitely for you! Aside from the other offers and features that Yahoo, what would definitely call your attention is its brilliant Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail interface. It’s almost like you’re using Yahoo through your desktop. If you have used Yahoo over your dekstop or laptop, then you would surely enjoy the Yahoo App as well. More over, what’s even more awesome about it, is that you can add email account from other providers like Gmail and Hotmail, just to name a few. Hence, even if you’re not the biggest Yahoo user you are still going to appreciate this app. Let’s not even forget to mention that this app is for free.

iMailG, The Gmail App Replaces Mail App

Not a Yahoo! user? No problem. Then probably you’re a Gmail user. Aside from bringing the Gmail experience to the iPad, other features that could convince you into choosing to use this Gmail instead of the built-in Mail app are faster loading, you can work even while offline, plus a ton of other little features and details. On top of all that, again, like the Yahoo! app – this Gmail app is absolutely free!

OutlookReflex App Replaces Mail App

Finally, an email app to replace the Mail app and MS Outlook. This is practically an all-around email app that could perform a number of different things ranging from normal email features and other inside-app features as well. As opposed to iMailG and the Yahoo! app, it’s safe to say that this app is a little more on the professional side without much detail and focus on the overall look and feel of the app but tends to focus more on its simple layout and easy usage, which is okay. However, if you’re on the classier side and you want a col-looking email app, then this one is not for you.

See? You don’t really need to fret over the crashing of the Mail app because there are a lot of other email apps out there, that could perform the job twice better. Aside from those listed here, I am sure there are a lot more other apps out there, and most of all, you don’t have to spend a lot on them because all of the email apps listed here are free. However, of course if you still want to remedy your crashing Mail app that’s fine. You can read available solutions for the Mail app crashing here.