Top Three Apps You Can Enhance Your iPhone With

By On Friday, January 5th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Aside from communication, Apple iPhone is best for entertaining people. The fact is, more people prefer to be with their iPhones rather than to be with their girlfriends or boyfriends. And for those who cannot sleep at night without playing with their beloved gadget, here are the top three new iPhone Apps you can add to your collection to boost your happiness even more;

#1. Flower Garden (SnappyTouch)

Flowers play a really great role in the life of a person especially during Valentine’s Day. SnappyTouch was just right in creating this App as it brings so much joy not only to flower-lovers but also for the people who love to do some gardening during their spare time. However, for those who do not want to have their hands dirty, Flower Garden App is just what you need to satisfy your gardening needs.

In this game, there is no set goal to achieve but you can unlock new seeds to be planted on your garden as additional flower collection. The good thing is, it is not just about planting and gardening, it is also about art through flowers as you will be able to clip flowers in your own style.

#2. Makeout Mania! (StormHatch)

Want to play a Cupid role this Valentine’s Day? Well, this game is just what you are looking for. The mission is simply about piercing some hearts from a school full of students and makes a chain of kisses and kisses and kisses.

StormHatch made a 24-level game which is in a way of a puzzle but with a goal of finding the perfect match for everyone. Well, this just means that every love story has a happy ending. Do you want to play that Cupid role? Play your Makeout Mania now.

#3. Whac-a-Mole: Whacky Valentine (Mattel)

It is free!! This Valentine season everyone wants to whack moles as they will surely ruin your date with your beloved. In this game made by Mattel, the main goal is to really whack a mole once it pops out. The simplicity of the game just made it to be desired by those who are bored. Well, since it is free, download it anytime and whack those moles away! Happy whacking!

Top Three iPhone Apps…just three iPhone Apps that could make you feel better whenever you are alone without someone to talk to this Valentine’s Day. Well, thanks God Apple made such a wonderful gadget. And for those who are still planning of getting an iPhone for youself, don’t plan it out; just go to the store and grab one now!