Unable to move photo from applock to gallery?

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Unable to move photo from applock to gallery?. Do You Mr or Mrs own this kind of query?, If yes then please check the answer right after below:\r\n

Unable to move photo from applockv2.15.3 to gallery ,Show sdcard full message


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To save an image that somebody has text you, bring up the message and when you see the picture that was sent to you, just press and hold on the picture and it will list an option. You can then select save attachment. It will label the attachment and then click save. Now that picture is saved in your SD card and can be found in your gallery. Hope this helps.


On your phone, go to media or camera then click option, choose memory in use then choose the name of your SD, click OK then there you go, every time you take a picture it will always save to your SD.


You will need to use an apps to sdcard app from your market. This may require you to root your phone. Therer are several sites that can help you, try www.unleashedprepaids .com. Good luck!


You need to open the containing folder and create a new folder for the pictures you want before you delete the folder from photo gallery.


Copy and paste….or got to ur contacts and long press on the photo then first set it as ur screen saver then take it to the gallery.


Hi, Mkhofer. Welcome to AMF! Let me help you. Could you please explain what do you mean by text photo?


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Hold the photo you would get options & click save image.