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By On Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

Unblock me free Free iPod Touch Game App is the series of puzzle games, having four different levels and more than 2000 puzzles to suit the requirement of every player, right from the beginner to the expert. On one hand, these puzzles are quite easy while on the other hand it is addictive too.

Unblock me free Free iPod Touch Game App generally revolves around a red block, which a player need to push out of the board by sliding other blocks. In fact the large number of unique puzzles at various levels such as intermediate and advanced ones is the main reason behind its addictive property. Because once you start playing this game, you require hours to finish.

But the numerous puzzles of Unblock me free iPod Touch Game App does not puzzle you in keeping the track of your scores. Rather you can easily keep the record of the scores for the stages you cleared.

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