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Bluetooth File Share – Hallo teman semua, Makasih banyak sudah mau datang di website indie tech ini. Siang ini, kita di indie tech mau menampilkan info yang mengulas Bluetooth File Share Android App. Sebaiknya teman baca Android App nya berikut ini, oya jangan lewatkan teman bisa Unduh Bluetooth File Share Android App sebelum paragraf terakhir artikel ini :

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Use Bluetooth File Share application to Share Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Apps with your Friends and Family over Bluetooth. A Very Decent UI and High Performance Application Which makes Sharing content very easy. File Explorer is also include so that you can manage files and folders stored in your device.Enjoy.
Share Files and folders stored on Clouds Storage via Bluetooth.

1) High Performance
2) Switch On Bluetooth from application
3) Admin Bluetooth Connections
4) Filters Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Zip Files and Apps.
5) Share via Bluetooth
6) Share via Social Media Applications e.g Gmail, Facebook etc
7) Back up Application and Share Apk via Bluetooth
8) Support Google Drive, Dropbox.
9) Share Contacts
10) In Built Image Browser

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