Uninstall smasung retail mode tab3?

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Uninstall smasung retail mode tab3?. Do You Mrs or Mr own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz check the best solution below:

I purchased a tab three from radioshack and its stuck in demo mode how can i fix this


Answers for this question:

First open the back of your phone, remove the battery. You have to be aware that in uninstalling the factory reset all your contacts will be remove as well as your stored pictures. After turning off your phone . press the volume up and volume down found on the side of your phone your phone wil vibrate , release your finger away from the power button continue to hold the middle and the volume up key. You will see the android picture and you will be presented by a menu . Scroll down using the volume key , press the yes it may take 30 seconds to process. After 30 seconds you will be back to the system recovery menu select the system reboot, press the power button . Leave your phone for about 60 to 90 seconds or longer. When the phone is back to its original menu keep pressing the next. Done your phone is now ready to use.


You can download the Retail mode to your Samsung grand2 in this link . You can also use Galaxy Note II Retail Mode app to put your phone into Retail mode. you can download it from this link . You can only sue it if you are an authorized employee to use it. it needs a code for you to access the application. It place your phone into demo mode. what it does is it wipes the contents of your device.


If you want to uninstall that retail mode App, Just follow the steps below:

• Go to your App Drawer
• Tap the Menu button
• Select the [Uninstall and Disable App] from the option
• Choose the Retail mode App
• Confirm it by tapping the Disable button
• Done!


Use data cable to your samsung device and connect it to your computer and try to delete the retail mode if not work just format your phone.


I hope it will helps you, you need to go to google the
copy this link this the steps to solve your problem :)


Step 1. Go to home page, click on option menu. Step 2. Scrow down to unistall click on it then read careful to unistall the app. Good luck.