Use the GPS feature in your IPhone 4 for More than Just Driving

By On Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 Categories : iphone

There are certain features that come with our smart phones now that only a few years ago would have been considered a luxury. In the past, if you wanted to have an internet connection on your phone you would have to spend a lot of money. The same issue went with having a phone that you were able to type out text messages with. But one feature in the modern day smart phone has surprised everyone by becoming a staple in any phone that you purchase. That is the GPS function of your phone.

In the past, only rich people had GPS devices in their cars. Now a GPS device in a new car is considered standard issue. And that goes for our smart phones as well. Any modern smart phone that you get these days is going to have a GPS device installed inside of it. But how do you as the end user get full advantage of having a GPS device available on something that you walk around with all day?

The GPS function for driving
As you probably already know, the main purpose for people to use a GPS device is to make sure that they know where they are going when they drive a car. It is great for telling you where you are going but is that all that the device can do? No it isn’t and there are a few apps in the iTunes app store that will prove this. So let’s take a look at some of the IPhone 4 apps that use GPS but not for driving directions.

The iphone app that probably is the most popular use of your GPS without any driving instructions is Foursquare. This app will follow you and allow you to check into certain places on your daily route. If you have enough check ins, you then can become the mayor of that particular place. Some stores will offer discounts when you do a check in from their place of business. This app has taken the tech world by storm and is a great example of what the use of GPS and your imagination can come up with.

Njection Mobile
While you may use this app in the car it is not for getting directions. This app will allow you to see if any police traps are set up in the area that you are driving at. The one thing that everyone hates about driving is getting a ticket when you are guilty of a minor infraction. This app will make sure that you get it together and slow down before you hit any speed traps. iPhone Apps like this are considered controversial by law enforcement because they allow you to get away with doing something wrong. And they do have a point. So if you use this app make sure that you do not use it as an excuse to drive like a wild man or woman.

Venti Coffe app
Are you a person who likes to have their morning coffee no matter where they are? Then this Venti Coffe iphone app is for you. You will be able to find the nearest Starbucks no matter what city you are in. Starbucks has become the default gourmet coffee that most people drink and even though there seems to be one everywhere, if you are new in town you can still have difficulty finding one. That is what this app excels at. A good portion of people with IPhones will find this app useful since there is a huge amount of people who both use their IPhones and like to work on their laptops at Starbucks.

These are a few of the many iphone apps that you will find that make use of GPS without using the directional abilities. GPS is a great tool and over time more people will find many more uses for it.