Utilizing iBackupBot for iTunes

By On Friday, January 12th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Just another useful application that is utilized together with the iTunes utility — the iBackupBot for iTunes.

By definition, the iBackupBot is another software tool that is responsible to perform backed-up file management functions, including viewing and browsing, likewise with editing and exporting of duplicate files. With the help of iBackupBot tool, you can manage photos, sound and widget settings, call history, text messages, contact favorites, important reminders and notes stored in your portable device.

OS Compatibility

The iBackupBot for iTunes is compatible with Windows Operating System. Once installed in the computer, you will be prompted with a full-sized user interface as well as keyboard for data entries. Moreover, iBackupBot running on your pc, you can now start to perform as many asks as you wanted, yet all relevant to backed-up iPod Touch and iPhone files organization. ITunes modification with these same files is also possible by employing this tool. Jailbreak would not be necessary. So, it is going to be more than what the iPhone and iPod Touch embedded backup utilities can basically accomplish.

Major Functions

1. File Viewing and Editing – using iBackupBot for iTunes would allow you to view all your files, at the same time edit them if needed. This tool works with iTunes embedded utilities including image viewer, text editor, plist editor, database viewer, notes viewer and more.

2. Advanced File Browsing – you can also browse all your critical files and locate those that you needed most, quickly and easily.

3. More than File Restoration – the only available option you had prior to iBackupBot for iTunes in your portable device is most likely only for file restoration. Yet, the accessibility of this iTunes tool, gives more than file restoration functions to end-users. This includes viewing, choosing and even modifying of these files. Afterward, you may reinstate these files if you want.

4. Exporting Duplicate Files – your duplicated SMS messages, address books, and significant notes can now be exported to either Excel or text files. A promising function offered by iBackupBot for iTunes.

More things you can do with iBackupBot

Amazingly, the iBackupBot endow each user with bonus attributes that may not be offered by other iTunes utility software at present. Such comprises of iPod Touch and iPhone carrier name modification, as well as game information.

Similarly, with iBackupBot for iTunes, users can now do exporting of iTunes duplicate files to a specific computer directory, thereby allowing users to utilize these same files in the computer system.