Utilizing the Basics in the Video Cam Feature of the 5th Generation iPod Nano

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Knowing that it is fresh, the 5th Generation iPod Nano integrates new and exciting features as anticipated. For those who opt to know how to utilize these features, you’ve come into the right place. Hence, continue reading on this page.

One of its hottest features is its video camera. As overviewed in the previous section of this site, the video cam of this iPod nano is located at the lower portion, in the back of the gadget. It is described as a tiny lens, which is designed to record videos, as well as audio. Moreover, the video display would be at 640 by 480 resolutions, at 30frames per sec.

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5th iPod Nano Video Cam Basics

Perfectly designed for short clips and web videos, the video cam function of this iPod mainly does the viewing, recording and deleting of audios and videos. In order to record videos, follow these steps:

  • From the home screen, choose Video Camera. You will be prompted with the video cam interface of the iPod Nano system.
  • Click on the center button of the Clickwheel.
  • To know whether the cam is on the recording process, check the red light spotted next to the timer. If the timer runs, and the red light is blinking, then the video cam is recording, else, you need to double check.
  • To check whether the recording is successful or not, see the video file properties. It should appear as an MP4 format and playable with Windows Media Player and Quick Time.
  • Click on the center button of the Clickwheel, again, for you to halt the recording.
  • To view the list of your recorded videos, get into the Video Camera program and click the Menu button. Doing so, would prompt you with the list of stored movies in your iPod. Along with each movie file are the date each file were taken and the duration.
  • To view each movie, select the video you want to watch and click the center button.
  • If you opt to delete movies, just select the movie, then hold down and click the center button. You will then be prompted with a dialog box, with a message asking you to delete the selected movie, delete all movies or cancel.

Now that you already get the idea on how to do the basics with the video cam feature of the 5th generation of iPod Nano, it is time to move on to the next utility functions on the same device. If in case, you falter, just read again the aforesaid details, until you will be all set to try the rest of the available features.

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