Wanna use the app karaoke channel on my lg tv but where do i plug in microphones?

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Wanna use the app karaoke channel on my lg tv but where do i plug in microphones?. Are You mam & sir own this kind of query?, If yes then please get the best feedback below this line:

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You need to use either an Amplifier or a DVD player with mic in to plug your mic to your TV. I also use karaoke on my TV and that`s what I do. I have a LG DVD and home theater system that has a 2 mic inputs. I also use my amplifier with mic input sometimes.


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That depends upon the microphone and the input to the iPod Touch – is it a microphone input or a line input? If the former, the microphone can go in without a preamp, but it might need to be the type of microphone that has what`s called “plug-in power.” If the latter, you`ll need to go into a preamp first. If you have a small mixer with microphone inputs, that should suffice.


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