We found a text form "anonymous" non one of ouor phones, why would this happen?

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We found a text form "anonymous" non one of ouor phones, why would this happen?. Do You sir & mam has this kind of query?, If do then please get the best feedback right after this line:\r\n

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Its happens sometimes. u don`t have to care about something like that.


You have to check you settings for your MMS. Make sure you have the correct configuration for you to be able to send and receive MMS. You can ring your service provider to give you the correct configuration settings. Also, check if you you do have a good signal for you to be able to receive an MMS. MMS base line JPEG with JFIF as the exchange format, make sure that is the format of the messages. If through MMS, one MMS would only require you to send at a certain maximum of file size. If you go beyond it, there is a possibility that the image will not be sent. Confirm this with your provider.


Usually the problem is caused by MAC filtering or incorrect security settings. Direct yourself to the Routers or access points web interface. See to it that you are suing the right encryption settings and right security. If it is activated you check the mobile whether it allows within the range of MAC filter. Once you have confirmed settings and you cannot connect, try changing the encryption settings. Change the security mode. Do not make this a problem when using WPA2 or WPA. If there are public Wi-Fi network, try to connect into it so verify that the problem is not from the device side.


If the sd card is recognized on your pc, try first to back up the content, then insert the simcard to the phone that cannot recognized it then try to format it. Sometimes the sd cards cannot be read by the phones because they are not formatted on the manner that the phone can recognize it.


It`s an expression which pretty much means “yes”

You: make sure you eat breakfast.
Man: you bet.

basically means, don`t worry asking, because they probably will.


Maybe you got an invalid simcard to it that why it`s not getting any network signal, try to change the sim card you are using in the phone and hopefully it will work for you.


Be careful sometimes it can be a scam. If I were you just ignore it because it cannot affect you after all.


Unknownymous might do? sorry. this is only an oppinion.


Nothing, I think he sent a message to a wrong person,.


Its normA.