WellDoc on iPhone for Diabetic Drivers

By On Saturday, June 16th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Last week, Ford was holding Ford’s press event which is introducing a new Sync app that is under development. The app was called WellDoc. It is an app for monitoring diabetic users, so they can log their meals and glucometer with the iPhone app. With this app, the Sync service will detect if you haven’t logged any data for some period. Then it will Sync services with Bluetooth, and finally give you an information about your blood sugar levels.

If your blood level is not good, the app will suggest you with some course of action like popping a glucose tab. When your blood sugar reach the dangerous level, the Sync will send a text message to your emergency contact about your situation. In the future, the app might even send another text to inform them that you have reached your home safely.

As you may know, Diabetes is a disease that needs constant monitoring. As WellDoc could plant itself on your phones and cars, it seems that it could be the solution to monitor your condition. However, the integration between the app and Sync is still on early stages, so there is no information about the launch date yet.